Day By Day Property Solutions has exceded our expectations in every way

Frank and Elaine Argaet , 17 Apr 2013

We have had several properties managed by Day by Day Property Solutions for more than two years. As we live in Western Australia it is important that we can trust the property managers to be efficient in the management of our properties because it is impossible for us to attend to them.

The management of our properties by Day by Day Property Solutions has exceeded our expectations in every way. The business statements are comprehensive and the collection of rent and bank deposits are always on time. The property inspections are regular and attention is paid to detail. We are notified promptly if there are any issues needing attention. This maintains the properties in good condition and encourages the tenants to maintain a high standard of care.

When we have had occasion to ask for things to be done all the staff at Day by Day Property Solutions have been efficient, reliable and very helpful. It has been a pleasure to deal with them because they make everything so easy.

Yours sincerely

Elaine and Frank Argaet