10 Steps To Purchasing A Property

At Day By Day Property Solutions, we know it can be difficult and challenging to find your perfect home so we’ve managed to summarise the process of buying a new property into the below ten steps. 


  1. Obtain a loan pre-approval from broker or bank.
  2. Find a property in your budget.
  3. Request the Contract for Sale from the real estate agent and send it to your legal party (conveyancer or solicitor) for preliminary review.
  4. Submit your offer to the real estate agent.
  5. Once your offer is accepted, contact your legal party to review and sign the Contract for Sale.
  6. Obtain pest and building reports.
  7. Obtain strata reports or any other reports (as required).
  8. Obtain formal loan approval.
  9. Pay the deposit to the real estate agent.
  10. Authorise your legal party to exchange the contracts and secure the property for you.

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