Notice to Vacate

Vacate Information For Tenants

When you are vacating a rental property through Day By Day Property Solutions, we request that all notifications are emailed through to

Please download and complete the Vacate Information form and either email it or bring it into the office once it is completed.

Required Notice

If you are ending a Fixed Term Lease, 14 days notice is required.

If you are ending a Periodic Agreement, 21 days notice is required.

Please note: Vacate dates must be weekdays except for Public Holidays

Breaking A Lease Agreement

If you need to vacate a property during your tenancy, please contact us so we can advise you of your responsibilities and obligations. 

You can read more information about ending a tenancy on the NSW Fair Trading website.

Vacate Notice Cleaning Guide

When vacating a rental property, we recommend you refer to your ingoing Property Condition Report to ensure the property has been left in a condition not less than that started in the report.

For your reference, please use the following checklist to ensure that these items are attended to before you return your keys:


  • ✓ Skirting boards, windows, sills and tracks to be cleaned
  • ✓ Carpets to be vacuumed, vinyl, tile and flooring to be washed.
  • ✓ Blinds – verticals, venetians & Hollands to be wiped free of marks and dust.
  • ✓ Air conditioner and filters to be cleaned.
  • ✓ Screens to be brushed and ledge/tracks between screen, glass cleaned.
  • ✓ Exhaust fan covers removed and cleaned.
  • ✓ Walls to be cleaned – superficial hand marks, all scuff marks etc. removed.
  • ✓ Doors and light switches to be cleaned of hand marks.
  • ✓ Cupboards to be cleaned inside and out.


  • ✓ Bath and basin to be cleaned – including drains.
  • ✓ Shower recess tiles, grouting and shower screen to be cleaned – including drains.
  • ✓ Toilet including seat set and pedestal to be cleaned.


  • ✓ Stove cleaned, including oven, shelves, griller, recess, hot plates and drip trays, chrome surrounds,  enamel cabinet and control panel.
  • ✓ Range hood and filter to be cleaned thoroughly.
  • ✓ Kitchen sink and laundry tub to be cleaned.
  • ✓ Exhaust fan covers removed and cleaned.


  • ✓ Garden to be tidy and free of weeds.
  • ✓ Lawns to be cut and edged.
  • ✓ Front and back verandah to be swept
  • ✓ Cobwebs removed from eaves and internal walls/cornice.
  • ✓ Paths to be swept.
  • ✓ Garden shed/garage to be tidied, swept and cobwebs removed.
  • ✓ All rubbish to be removed, whiz bin and recycle bins out for collection.
  • ✓ Driveways, garages, carports and concrete areas to be free of oil and grease stains.


  • ✓ Advise service provider change of address.
  • ✓ Arrange mail to be redirected.
  • ✓ Tenants with pets MUST have carpets professionally cleaned as per your lease.

Please note, the receipt must be given to the office when the keys are returned. 

  • ✓ All keys returned as per signed tenant key register (at signing of your lease).

Thank you for your assistance with returning the property to the original condition it was when you moved in. We thank you for being a part of Day By Day Property Solutions and wish you all the best as you move onto your new property.

Vacate Cleaning Guide Vacate Information Form