About Brooke Curk

Brooke has been a great find and a valuable addition to our office since she joined the team in May 2021!
Previous roles in Admin, Advertising and Child Care have enabled Brooke to think outside the box and offer great support to all of our clients.
Brooke is one of the most calming and measured people you will ever meet and this quality is certainly an asset in her role at Day By Day ensuring the  personalised delivery of quality property management that we pride ourself on.
Brooke is a Fletcher local, dedicated to her family and with strong ties in the local community especially with all of her kids active in local sports. When outside work Brooke loves to keep busy and loving life spending time with her friends, keeping active at the gym and camping adventures.
 It is also rumoured that Brooke enjoys a Margherita…. But what happens out of the office…..stays out of the office!

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